Impact that drives results

Add Dots Eco to your app or website, offer real-world impact incentives that increase engagement.

  Book a demo & 1 mile of ocean will be cleand on your behalf.
  Book demo & 1 mile of ocean will be cleand on your behalf.


Micro-eco-units, major impact

Set Personal or community goals

Many ways to impact

impact certificates,
with Status updates

Shareable certificates

Impact Certificates & stauts updates

Every action counts, and every doer is a hero. Your users get shearable proof of doing with your app’s download link.

Certificates are getting live updates while the impact is taking place on the ground, a perfect tool for user retention.

We can send Impact Certificates updates according to your preferences, via API, by SMS, or by email.


Day 7 Retention
Within the audience


CAC Reduction
For interest groups


Impact Agents
Around the globe


Impact Types
To select from

Flexiable gateway, limited by imagination

You know your app better than anyone else, that’s why we made Dots Eco an abstract gateway that can be integrated into anything. Rest assured that we’ll share our experience and best practices as part of the integration process.


Offer impact incentives for game currency, game progress, or achievements. Dots Eco demonstrated an increase in Day-1 and Day-7 retention rates by up to 80% for target audiences.


While discounts usage is delicate and sometimes overused, impact incentives are perfect tools for loyalty programs and encouraging the next purchase.


Swag is polluting and doesn’t work online. Original lead incentives are always on demand. Now is the time to offer real-time, personalized impact certificates as a cross-company incentives solution.

The ring that rules them all

One gateway,
Many ways to impact

Offer a variety of eco actions, climate, ocean, or biodiversity-related. Geo-targeted, according to your user preferences, or where needed most.
React fast to environmental situations that are on the headlines. All actions are operated by selected NGOs and local impact agents.

Dots Eco LTD was established with the mission of harnessing the digital economy for environmental impact monetization. We are focused on supporting 3 of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals “Climate Action”, “Life Below Water and “Life on Land”.

Persistence makes the difference

Set personal or collaborative eco-goals

Set environmental challenges that will make your users come back.
An eco-goal can be planting one tree, or planting one million, it can be assigned to individual users, or created as a collaborative social goal.

Little drops make the mighty ocean

Micro Eco-Units,
Major Eco Impact.

Generating an environmental impact is costly. Environmental organizations are putting a lot of effort into collecting the funds, and the majority of the people who want to contribute often find it hard to invest tens of dollars for making an impact.
With Dots Eco, people can contribute in the form of daily activities, micro-actions, without actually taking the money out of their pockets, but returning a favor in the form of more engagement with your product, loyalty, and retention.

turtle hatchlings walking to the sea
Easy integration & hassle-free accounting

API, periodic CSV, or manual updates. We got you covered

Our Impact Gateway offers flexible integration methods via native API, CSV uploads, or manual input to your client account, so you can prioritize impact more easily into your roadmap and save precious time.

Tell us the type of impact, number of units, and the name on the certificate, and we’ll take care of the rest:

  • Allocate the impact funds
  • Generate the impact certificates & send updates
  • Send a unified bill at the end of the month
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