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For every interaction, there is a positive environmental reaction is an environmental impact-as-a-service platform that transforms millions of micro casual actions into real-life environmental impact. We celebrate everyone who positively impacts their companies, lives, and our planet.

Over 3 million
eco-impacts until now

Trusted by over 2,000,000 impact makers

Real-world Impact
in 45+ countries 

40+ vetted environmental organizations

Supported and casually loved by

We are proud to be
a certified B-corporation since 2023

We are partnering with planet-impacting organizations to ensure success at a global scale

In our journey to save the planet, joining forces with Google fills us with excitement

Why we do what we do

Yeah, our planet is in less-than-great shape, and it’s on us; we did it.

Not because we had bad intentions, but mostly because progress demanded it, and truth be told, shopping, gaming, and traveling are too much fun to give up completely.

But, and this is an important “but”, not all is lost, and we can still do something about it.

We know talk is cheap, but we think we figured out a way where personal joy and positive ecological impact can become best friends.

A technology that transforms the abusive consequences
of our actions into rewarding environmental outcomes and scales it up by aggregating micro-individual actions into
a transformative macro effect.

What we stand for

1. Earth first, always

We have environmental partners, we have business partners, but above all, we have one main collaborator: Planet Earth. Our commitment is with evey single corner of our planet. 

2. Transparency

We don’t play around with our impact. For us, vetting partners, monitoring projects, and providing clear and efficient reports is essential. Earth first, transparency second. 

3.Optimistic yet realistic

We know things aren’t great with our planet right now, but we believe in a brighter future.

Our team

From Brazil to Thailand, we are global

Nadav Gross

Founder & CEO

Daniel Madrid Spitz

Co-founder & CGO

Erez Mazor

Partner & CTO

Renata Alves

Environmental Scientist & Research Director

Omer Molcho

Business Development Manager

Can Coskuncan

Customer Success Manager 

Isabella Madrid Malo

Content Manager

Yael Takomi

Gaming Director

Yotam Melman

Partner Success
Senior Manager

Yuspuh Abdulazeez


Leticia Guastoni

Graphic Designer

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