Belka Games’s Clockmaker Campaign: Saving Sea Turtles Through Eco-Rewards


Belka Games is a Cypriot game development company that has successfully developed four distinct games, each captivating an audience of over a million daily players. Belka integrated real-world environmental impact into their popular match-3 puzzler, “Clockmaker,” through’s eco-rewards platform.

The Challenge: Engaging Players Through Environmental Impact

Belka Games sought a creative and innovative way to produce new content that would encourage progression, and connect the game narrative with the real world. 

A unique game experience was created through their partnership with, by going beyond the bounds of traditional games and seamlessly merging the game world with the real one.

The Solution: Integrating Eco-Rewards

From November 12th to 16th, Clockmaker players were presented with a special in-game promotion. 

Through a purchasing offer, players received in-game items and a chance to make their impact on saving real sea turtle hatchlings through’s implementation in the game. Additionally, to raise awareness about the conservation of these incredible creatures, players received a digital certificate that was shareable on social media. This unique approach to gaming and conservation resulted in a remarkable achievement: the contribution to saving 45,699 sea turtle hatchlings. The impact made not only highlights the success of the campaign but also underscores the power of combining gaming with real-world environmental impact.


Success Metrics Through Eco-Rewards Implementation

The eco-rewards initiative yielded impressive results compared to regular offers:

Product Metrics

  • Offer Revenue: The goal was a 10% increase; the result was an astounding 18% increase
  • Average Revenue Per User (ARPU): The eco-offer resulted in an 8.33% increase compared to similar offers
  • Paying Share: 88% impressive increase in comparison with similar but regular offers

Public Relations and social media

  • The articles pushed by Belka reached more than 6 million coverage views and were featured in publications like PocketGamer and DroidGamers 
  • Post Reach: 2x reach through the campaign, seen by tens of thousands
  • Engagement: 50% social media engagement uplift

Eco-rewards met or exceeded expectations in all metrics, proving to be more effective than standard promotions. 

As we at Belka Games strive to regularly take part in impactful campaigns, I was delighted to see how the team seized this initiative. Together with, we’ve contributed to the preservation of incredible creatures, hopefully making a lasting impact on their future. This experience has reinforced our belief that the gaming industry can be a powerful force for positive change. We look forward to exploring more avenues where technology and environmental stewardship intersect.

The collaboration between Belka Games and exemplifies how innovative partnerships can create new engagement strategies providing players with a sense of fulfillment and a positive connection to the game while helping the environment at the same time.

By integrating meaningful real-world impacts into the gaming experience, they successfully increased player engagement and revenue while contributing positively to environmental conservation. This case study serves as a model for how gaming can be leveraged for social and environmental good.

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