BUFF: Green loyalty platform for gamers

Green loyalty program

Buff is a loyalty program for gamers created by gamers.

Supporting the most popular PC games (LoL, Valorant, Fortnite, Minecraft, COD, Apex Legends, and more), Buff tracks the player’s achievements in the background and rewards the player with points based on their accomplishments.

When they’ve gained enough points, the user can redeem them for real prizes in the app marketplace, which includes a large variety of products such as gift cards, games, gaming gear, and more. Through the integration of eco-rewards with Dots.eco, their platform was transformed into a green loyalty platform for gamers.

“>Meeting the challenge

Buff’s goal was to provide its community with various ways to use their points earned and redeem them for making a real-world environmental impact for World Oceans Day in June 2022. Once their points were redeemed, users received a shareable certificate to share on their social media channels.

To make this possible, the gaming company focused on four main aspects:

  • Adding new items to the marketplace
  • Framing an “impact” to be a marketplace item
  • Increasing the engagement with the community and providing an altruistic cause to use Buff
  • Strengthen the brand

“Now I got a perfect reason to play games using Buff. Keep up your good work. I’ll try to contribute as much as I can. Together we will create a great impact.

Impact-making at its peak

Dots.eco impacts are very popular; thousands of users redeem their points for these causes daily. A real impact is being made.

20% of all marketplace redemptions since June 2022 were Dots.eco’s impacts!

Loyalty eco-rewards: riding the wave to the Earth healing economy

After 1-month of the partnership, “Cleaning Plastic from the Ocean” became Buff’s best-seller. Following this success, Buff added a new impact type: “Sea Turtle Hatchlings” which, after 2 weeks, became their best-seller as well, in the first position.

So far, the amazing Buff’s gaming community has sponsored cleaning more than 6 tons of ocean plastic, planting over 7000 trees, and saving more than 8000 turtle hatchlings. On top of these efforts, the community is also sponsoring offsetting carbon.

“Dots.eco provided a complete solution from the product itself and a solution to communicate the impact back to the end user. We are very happy with the results, and we’re seeing how our community is relating to those issues and how our users are contributing daily.”

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