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We are enabling the Earth-healing economy, by turning client success into positive environmental impact

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Engage with your clients at a whole new level

Capture your clients’ appreciation by incorporating eco-rewards in your business culture

We offer unlimited stock, global availability, and a low price point so you can make a massive impact

We take all the heavy lifting from customer support to making sure that the impact is made on the ground!

Beyond our words...

Our impact partners


Our amazing partners plant trees in over 40 countries, focusing on vital ecosystems. Together, we make the world greener and brighter!

of ocean-bound plastic

Cleaning the oceans is our mission, and we do it alongside river and coastal communities. We’re making waves and protecting our beautiful planet with our incredible partners!

ft2 of land for nature reserves

Buying land for nature reserves helps expand the protection of entire ecosystems, contributing to biodiversity and climate regulation (yoo-hoo!). We enable efforts to buy and designate land into protected areas.



Essential nesting beaches worldwide? Consider them guarded! Our partners have all hands on deck, keeping a close eye on the hatchlings, and evicting plastics from sea turtle cribs.

acres of wildlife habitat

We support biodiversity hotspots: nature’s VIP party zones! Home to unique and irreplaceable species, these spots are where we need to protect now.

kg of marine area

Protecting marine areas is the name of the game. Our partners are all about making waves with sustainable fishing and tourism spots, boat patrols, and pushing conservation efforts.

Your boots on the ground

Extreme transparency, hi-tech solution

We put tech in every step.

1. Simple Integration to Any Application

Manual uploads, REST API, Unity SDK, Zapier, Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, CSV and more.

2. Project Allocation

Our algorithm is matching Dots and projects of the right sort, based on the project quality, timeliness, and cost.

3. Project Monitoring

We use three layers of measurement for precise oversight:

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