Eco-rewards unpacked: Our second newsletter is here!

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Welcome back to the second edition of our newsletter! We’re thrilled to share the latest steps in our shared journey toward green gaming. This month we’re spotlighting new partnerships, updating you on our upcoming events and project progress, and introducing you to our non-gaming activities for the curious ones out there.


Big news: We’re B-corp certified!
We’re thrilled to share this happy news. After a year of back and forths, submitting information, and being analyzed from head to toe, we did it! This badge is proof of our commitment to our planet. We’re in it for the long run!

New partner: GamePoint
We’re excited to extend a warm welcome to our new partner, GamePoint. Known for their engaging GamePoint Bingo, they’ve launched an exciting activity on the 18th of August where players saved sea turtles while playing their favorite game: Bingo! They’ve saved over 41,000 sea turtles. Great job GamePoint!

New partner: Mobidictum
Mobidictum conference has joined the family! From now on, we’ll be the environmental solution partner of Mobidictum events, integrating eco-rewards to inspire attendees while signing up. 

House of Fun:
Playtika’s House of Fun has come back for some turtle action. They launched their special campaign in August “HoF Impact Turtle Shield” aiming to save 320,000 turtles. And guess what? The players did it! Well done House of Fun! 

Project updates!

Imagine a vast, lush land in Brazil’s Tiete Forest, where WeForest, our trusted environmental ally, has been painting a green masterpiece over the past four years. With 314 hectares already blossoming and another 50 hectares set for the canvas in 2023 and 2024, we thank our gaming partners for helping us restore this vital forest.

Journeying across the ocean, the Desa’a Forest in Ethiopia tells a similar tale. With WeForest’s help, it now houses 13.5 million trees across 18,557 hectares. Each seedling prepped for the 2023 planting season is a testament to the gaming studios and players making a difference.

Our new additions:

Our search for new conservation adventures keeps growing! We’ve added a new pick to our projects in Misiones, Argentina! Teaming up with WeForest and backed by the UN Decade, we’re now supporting a jewel of biodiversity.

The journey of new picks doesn’t end here. Venturing to the dense greenery of Assam, India, our partner, the David Shepherd Foundation, aims to create a sanctuary where Rhinos and Tigers roam freely, protected and cherished. Each game and each player brings this dream one step closer to reality.

On the horizon: events & meetups

The winds of September have been picking up, and so has our journey to the north! We’ve been last week at Pocket Gamer Connects in Helsinki! Thanks to all who made it so special. It’s been a blast talking with so many of you about the power of in-game eco-rewards.

Then, as the month continues, we’ll be journeying to the timeless heart of London on the 27th and 28th. Join Daniel, our Co-founder, and Omer, our Business Development Manager at the IMA London Summit, where our conversation becomes all about green rewards programs.

Nature’s call: Mark your calendars

End users are expecting their brands to be aligned with their environmental values. Stay tuned to Mother Earth’s pulse with our Environmental Calendar.

Zero emissions day: 21/09/2023
World River Day: 24/09/2023
World Gorilla Day: 24/09/2023
World Environmental Health Day: 26/09/2023

Every environmental day is an opportunity to impact positively. Check here all the days until the end of the year.

Non-gaming chronicles

Outside our gaming realms, Tripadvisor is doing some eco-magic. Envision a world where writing reviews plants trees and ad budgets transform into conservation crusades. They’ve planted 74,000 trees, and counting…

Loyalty platforms are slowly swimming toward environmental awareness. Our partner Bi Worldwide now encourages members to redeem their points for any of our eco-rewards. This is what we’re talking about! 

Alternatively, if you’re in the mood for some eco-innovation, Bright Data’s BRright app turns your phone charging time into tree-planting time. When did impacting our planet get so easy? They’re at 25,000+ trees!

Additional Insights

Each eco-reward redeemed is a step closer to making our planet more balanced, stable, and healthy. We feel grateful to have you on this ride. 

That’s all for today, thanks for reaching this far! Together, we can ensure that every dot we place counts towards a sustainable future.

Game on,

The team

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