Redecor boosts customer satisfaction, transactions, and payer rates through evergreen eco-rewards


Redecor is a realistic 3D design simulation game, that allows players to express themselves through design- interior, fashion, beauty, food, and more. 

The Redecor players are young women (35-44 mostly),  who are very passionate about the environment, sustainability, and eco-friendly living. Eco-friendly decor is one of the biggest trends in interior design, boasting eco-friendly materials in your home decor, incorporating sustainable materials, larger windows, skylights indoor plants, and more.

As the Redecor players are so passionate about this topic, the game always marks April as an eco-friendly month, all around Earth Day. For 4 runs until now, they have chosen to be their partner, calling players to make an impact through their designs.

Potential and challenge

The team at Redecor aimed to introduce a novel activity in the game that would inspire players to step out of their routine gameplay. This new feature was designed to deeply resonate with players emotionally, aligning with a purpose they felt personally connected to.

The team envisioned an approach where participants could engage in a rewarding and personalized way. Additionally, they aimed to confirm each participant’s contributions through the certificates, enhancing the sense of fulfillment and recognition.

A new dimension of eco-impact

Redecor partnered with to integrate eco-rewards as part of their limited edition items.
Players were challenged to take action and use a limited edition item created specifically for this activity (a sea shell), and place it in their designs during the days of the activity, to create change in the real world.

Players who used the limited item received a unique certificate that could be tracked for cleaning one pound of plastic from the oceans, and could even see the location of the ocean they would help clean through their design, contributing more to the authenticity of the activity. 

Participants were notified of their real-world environmental impact through the unique certificate, which could be shared on social networks. It provided positive reinforcement for players’ accomplishments while motivating them to contribute to the environment through the game.

The results of the campaign were incredible, reaching 21,562 lb of plastic picked up by the players. 

Success Metrics

  • Out of 8 promotions in April’s Eco-friendly season, the “Eco fest: save the oceans” activity was voted as the #1 favorite of the month by the Redecor players in their monthly survey and was also the #1 most engaging activity of the month in results.
  • Paying users out of DAU increased by 70% during this activity.
  • Transactions went up 38.8%
  • The activity caused a spike of positive 5-star reviews in the app stores and increased customer satisfaction in all Redecor’s metrics.
  • 51% of players said they loved it and agreed with the cause when Redecor worked with and players got ‘individual certificates’, vs. 41% when we said a donation would be made on their behalf, as a group, in a previous activity.

As April is here again, a new sea shell limited item will be offered to players this year again, and we hope to see the same success once more. Players respond to these feel-good, do-good activities, every single time. 

“We’ve worked together several times, and each time was a hit. It made players step out of their habit, and impacted all KPIs, while also doing good for the planet. Highly recommended!”

By using a – a SaaS platform, Redecor was able to build an unforgeable integration into their game experience creating an innovative opportunity for players to step out from their regular playing habit while giving them the option to do good for the environment.

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