Eco-rewards unpacked: Our third newsletter

eco-rewards unpacked

Hello impact-maker!

As we unfold the map of our shared journey, it’s time to mark the significant territories we’ve traversed together. In this third edition of our newsletter, we’re celebrating your milestones and giving you essential updates.

Your Gaming Impact Counter!

Together, we’ve done an incredible job for our planet! With, you’ve:

🌳 Planted 551,558 trees

🐢 Saved 528,661 sea turtles

🌲 Protected 1,891,474.67 acres of wildlife habitat

⛰️Bought 242,240 ft2 of land for nature reserve

🚮 Picked up 627,817 lb of plastic

🐠 Restored 5,283 coral reef fragments

🌊 Protected 9,420,000 m2 of marine area

☁️ Offset 169,460 kg of carbon

Your digital realms have spilled over into reality, crafting a world we all yearn to live in. Thank you for making waves.


Black Friday and Cyber Monday 
Two huge days for our society, which unfortunately come at a big cost for our beautiful planet. This Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we are taking our pledge for the planet. Instead of Black Friday, we’re going for a Green Friday! A day where nature goes above all and real impact is celebrated. Join us to make a difference this year, for your players, and for our home.

Our blog is live!
We’ve been working on our blog for some time, and….now it’s ready for you! Check out our newest blogs and expect weekly industry updates, case studies, and endless information on eco-rewards to engage users while making a positive impact.

Success at Mobidictum
We partnered with Mobidictum, a leading gaming conference, and…the numbers are in! Attendees at the Mobidictum event didn’t just participate; they became pillars of change. Half the attendees chose to make an environmental impact while purchasing their tickets. This partnership was more than a meeting of minds; it was a fusion of hearts aligned with purpose.

On the horizon: Our next webinar

In collaboration with Runa, a Loyalty and Rewards leader, we are having a 30-minute webinar on the 9th of November called “Sustainability in Global Gifting”. Join here to learn more about sustainable gifting, rewards, and incentives.

Our new projects

A New Dawn for Koalas in Cattai Wetlands
The echoes of 2019’s bushfires still linger, but we’re turning the page in Cattai Wetlands. Imagine: former farmlands transformed into safe havens for koalas! We’re diving deep, combating acid sulfate soils, and sprinkling the magic of swamp mahogany seeds, crafting a leafy corridor between Coopernook State Forest and Crowdy Bay National Park.

Embracing the Wild Heart of the Peruvian Amazon
We’re setting the stage for a wilderness party in the Peruvian Amazon, with not one, but two conservation efforts: In Santo Tomas and Camote Frejol. We’re protecting lifeline corridors for monkeys in Santo Tomas, and safeguarding precious water sources, and championing soil health in Camote Frejol. 

New partners

ME2ZEN GAMES: We are giving a warm welcome to Me2zen! We’re excited about this one, and we can’t wait to share the results with you. 

Nature’s call: Mark your calendars

End users are expecting their brands to be aligned with their environmental values. Stay tuned to Mother Earth’s pulse with our Environmental Calendar.

America Recycles Day– 15/11/2023

Green Friday– 24/11/2023

International Jaguar Day– 29/11/2023

International Cheetah Day– 4/12/2023

Wildlife Conservation Day– 4/12/2023

World Soil Day– 5/12/2023

Every environmental day is an opportunity to impact positively. Check here all the days until the end of the year.

Non-gaming chronicles

Kaltura is the leading video cloud, powering the broadest range of video experiences. They’ve been turning their offline events into environmental impact. From event sign-ups to walking around their event with step trackers, attendees have been creating real-world environmental impact in a very innovative way. 

 Affogata is an  AI-Driven player feedback analytics platform that joined the ride with in 2022. Now they’re sprinkling eco-rewards on their offline events and social media campaigns, proving they’re not just tech-savvy, they’re eco-savvy! 

To wrap things up, Natural Intelligence is rocking their employee onboarding by gifting them the possibility to make an impact. Who knew a job could spark a wave of green action?

Your dedication in the virtual worlds are building bridges to a sustainable future. Thank you for being the keystones in this monumental arch. Until next time, keep encouraging your users to play for the planet. The game is far from over; in fact, it’s just getting started!

P.S. If you’d rather not get these emails, just reply with “no thanks,” and we’ll completely understand! 😌

Game on,

The team

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