Eco-rewards unpacked: Our fourth newsletter

eco-rewards unpacked

Hello impact-maker!

As the year draws to a close and the holiday spirit fills the air, we’re excited to share the last edition of our newsletter for the year. This season, while we indulge in festive cheer, let’s also remember our commitment to the planet. In this edition, we’ll reflect on our recent achievements and set the stage for a greener tomorrow.

And the counting continues…

Our collective efforts continue to bear fruit, and the numbers speak for themselves:

Your contributions are creating a sustainable world we can all be proud of. Thank you for your unwavering commitment.

News from the frontlines

Charstudio: A Festive Force for Good

Charstudio has joined our eco-mission with “Christmas Sweepers 4,” perfectly blending holiday joy and environmental action. From November 17th to November 26, players saved over 1,000 sea turtles, making it a truly green season. Great job Char Studio!

We are fully rebranded!

After a long long time, we’re fully rebranded! We’re not gonna lie, it took quite some time, and quite some work, but we could not be happier. Check our new website here.

Holiday season…with an eco-twist

There’s still time to do good for the planet in this season. The Advent Calendar, popular not just at Christmas but for various holidays, presents a prime opportunity to integrate eco-rewards. Read here about the possibilities and don’t miss out on the chance to engage and retain your players at this time of the year. 

New partners

👾 Sciplay
We’re thrilled to announce our new partnership with SciPlay, a leading social gaming company. Together, we’re leveling up their game, Bingo Showdown, by integrating eco-rewards into the world of social gaming.

👾 OviO
Welcome OviO! A mobile games discovery and loyalty platform! Now players can earn rewards that matter – from protecting our forests to saving sea turtles, players will be adding their part, one game at a time. 

🐢 Sea Turtle Conservancy
Our new environmental partner the Sea Turtle Conservancy is doing an incredible job in protecting sea turtles in the US by keeping nesting beaches clean,  restoring nesting habitats, and providing education on conservation to local students! Our current work with them is in the Archie Carr National Wildlife Refuge in Florida. 

🌳 Friends of Usambara 
The Friends of Usambara Society is a grassroots organization that uses sustainable tourism to conserve the nature and culture of the Usambara Mountains region in Tanzania. This is a new location for us, and we are looking forward to starting some real impact here! 

Our new project

Tanzanian mangrove restoration
This projects holds a special place for us. It’s our first collaboration in Tanzania (of many more) thanks to our new partnership with The Friends of Usambara Society! It aims to revitalize mangroves through the empowerment of local communities. The coolest part? It covers 5 million trees on the Pangani shoreline. 

Nature’s call: Mark your calendars

End users are expecting their brands to be aligned with their environmental values. Stay tuned to Mother Earth’s pulse with our Environmental Calendar.

Every environmental day is an opportunity to impact positively. Check here all the days until the end of the year.


Navigating B-Corp: Tips from
For those interested in B-Corp, we’ve created a special blog article describing the process, what it takes, and practical tips from our experience throughout the process. Is the certification worth it? Yes! Is it long? It is, but for good reason! Do we recommend it? Absolutely! 

Read it here

Non-gaming chronicles

Wix: Eco-Welcoming the Newcomers
Wix is redefining employee onboarding with eco-rewards. Each new team member is greeted not just with a warm welcome but with a chance to make a real-world environmental difference. Wix is paving the way!

Motivates: Turning Points into Planet Love
Exciting news from Motivates! They are now offering their members the chance to redeem points for a variety of eco-rewards. From cleaning up plastics to restoring corals, Motivates is playing a pivotal role in the green game. We couldn’t be happier about this partnership!

As we conclude this year’s final newsletter, let’s carry the spirit of sustainability into the new year. Your dedication to eco-rewards is not just a game changer; it’s a world changer. As we step into the new year, let’s continue to inspire and transform the world, one eco-action at a time. Here’s to a greener, brighter future for all!

Until next year, keep making a difference!

P.S. If you’d rather not get these emails, just reply with “no thanks,” and we’ll completely understand! 😌

Game on,

The team

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