Eco-rewards unpacked: Our seventh newsletter!

eco-rewards unpacked

Hello impact-maker!

This month is very special for us…it’s Earth month! And with it, we’re bringing you our latest updates on our mission to save the planet. Casually.

Top stories of the month

SciPlay’s Bingo Showdown: “Drastic Revenue increased during the event, with a 2X on revenue on the first day. 

Esselunga & EcoSwap: Our newest partners ready to save the planet.

Accion Andina: Our new environmental partner recognized by the UN World Restoration Flagship

Our first podcast is out: Dive into the world of business and sustainability.

Let’s get the party started 🔥

First things first: Your impact

We’ve gone wild (literally) with the growing numbers we see thanks to you. Check below our impact up to date: 

Walking the walk 

SciPlay’s success story: “Overall Revenue increased during the event, with doubling revenue on the first day compared to two weeks earlier.” Not only were in-game KPIs boosted during the activity, but SciPlay’s Bingo Showdown players planted an incredible amount of 13,865 trees! Want to learn more? 

Consumer and corporate trends

An intriguing insight from the gaming industry: 63% of video gamers feel a personal sense of responsibility to help combat global warming. This statistic from Yale’s Climate Communication, underscores a significant environmental awareness among the gaming community. What is your gaming studio doing to tackle this? 

Did you know? A recent survey by Blue Yonder in 2023 discovered that over half of consumers (56%) are skeptical or uncertain about brands’ claims on sustainability. This data reveals a growing demand for authenticity and verified sustainability efforts in brands

Loyalty & Reward trends: In 2023, 48% of consumers expressed a desire for uniquely tailored products, reflecting a significant shift in loyalty program expectations. This Euromonitor research highlights the growing importance of personalization and sustainability in loyalty rewards. Psssst, just saying, our personalized and shareable certificate creates an engaging experience, helping your members remember your brand!

Grab the popcorn

New partners

New partners

We’ve partnered with Esselunga, one of the largest grocery stores in Italy through Epipoli! As we expand to the Mediterranean, people doing groceries can redeem their accumulated points to make a real-world impact. 

Ecoswap is one of our newest partners, and their mission makes our hearts buzz. They are selling gift cards only from sustainable and ethical brands. 

Accion Andina: Our newest environmental partner, Accion Andina, is working on restoring and protecting native forests in the Andes. They have been selected as a UN World Restoration Flagship for their community reforestation model. Find more about them here

GroundWork USA: We’re expanding to social-focused impact! GroundWork USA is committed to water conservation, implementing rainwater catchment projects that aim to provide sustainable water sources to local communities and recharge underground water resources. The climate crisis is a justice crisis, and we adding our hands on deck! 

Partner Spotlight

Bi WorldWide Australia: Our business partner is doing an amazing job when it comes to sustainability inside their platform. Read the interview with Sara Guthrie, Head of Rewards Marketplace here

Our podcast is live!

Yes, you read it right. We have our own podcast! May we introduce to you, the Land, Oceans & Business podcast. We’ll have a podcast a month, bringing in business and environmental leaders to discuss the importance of sustainable business as well as conservation. Meet our first guest speaker: Lee Marchi, Global Partnerships Development Lead at Perkbox.

Listen here.

The days you need in your head

Mark your calendars, folks! We’ve got some important days coming up. Mother Nature (and your users) will thank you.

The largest one of the year: Earth Day!!! Let us be your one-stop shop for Earth Day. Want to learn more about the possibilities? 


Sustainable swap share

Today’s tip comes from Renata, Environmental Scientist and Research Director at “Eat more home-cooked meals! They are usually less wasteful than eating out, and produce less garbage than take-away.” Submit another Sustainable Swap by replying to this email, and we might feature you next month here 😉

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