Eco-rewards unpacked: Our sixth newsletter!

eco-rewards unpacked

Hello impact-maker!

As the first quarter of the year slowly comes to an end, we’re excited to share the sixth edition of our newsletter. Brought with you with eco-love and big news, we’re ready to set the stage for a greener tomorrow in every single industry out there.

Top stories of the month

1. Belka Game’s Clockmaker: “The goal was a 10% increase; the result was an astounding 18% increase”

2. Wooga’s June’s Journey: “Our joint campaign exceeded Wooga’s targets by +95%”

3. Meet Appsflyer- Our new partner who eco-innovated at MWC Barcelona

4. Earth Day: The most important eco-day of the year coming up on the 22nd of April

Let’s get the party started. 

Walking the walk 

Belka Games Case Study: Belka took “Clockmaker” to the next level with eco-rewards, and guess what? The eco-reward initiative yielded impressive results. “Revenue: The goal was a 10% increase; the result was an astounding 18% increase” This is how Belka Games helped save 45,699 sea turtle hatchlings, and improve their game KPIs while doing so!

Wooga’s June’s Journey Epic Success: Check out our case study with Wooga. Their Green Game Jam 2023 campaign was a smash hit, reaching over 3 million people, with Facebook engagement soaring by 466%, and a dedicated landing page that attracted over 34,000 visitors. 1,011 players pitched in to save snow leopards in the Himalayas. Find out all about it here.

Consumer and corporate trends

Sustainable RFPs in Business: Incorporating sustainability in Requests for Proposals (RFPs) is a growing trend, reflecting its increasing importance in business decision-making. Loopio’s 2024 Trends & Benchmarks report shows RFPs significantly influence company revenue, highlighting the need for sustainability criteria in business procurement. How is your company adapting its RFPs process to prioritize sustainability?

Corporate Transparency and Reporting: With the EU’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive and the US’s SEC climate-related disclosures, sustainability is shifting from optional to essential in business. There’s been a notable increase in ESG and Sustainability reports from 2022 to 2023. 

Loyalty & Reward trends: In 2023, 48% of consumers expressed a desire for uniquely tailored products, reflecting a significant shift in loyalty program expectations. This research from Euromonitor highlights the growing importance of personalization and sustainability in loyalty programs. Psssst, just saying, our personalized and shareable certificate creates an engaging experience, helping your members remember your brand!

Grab the popcorn

New partners

We’ve partnered with Tango Card! Welcome to the world where anything and everything is possible through reward platforms.

Appsflyer is integrating eco-rewards with a twist! Everyone who joined them at MWC in Barcelona from the 26th to the 29th of February made a real-world environmental impact. Go Appsflyer!

Vouchers Depot, welcome to the eco-business world! Through, Vouchers Depot will be creating eco gift cards for each of our impacts! We love to see companies jumping in the wave of sustainability.

Moving on to our environmental partner’s world, meet Trees for the Future (TREES). They are planting trees in Africa in unconventional ways, and we are super proud to have them as an incredible collaborator in our commitment to the planet. Read all about them here

Partner Spotlight

SciPlay’s implementation in their game “Bingo Showdown” was a blast! With over 13,000 trees planted through the activity at the end of last year.

The days you need in your head

Mark your calendars, folks! We’ve got some important days coming up. Mother Nature (and your users) will thank you.

The largest one of the year: Earth Day!!! Let us be your one-stop shop for Earth Day. Want to learn more about the possibilities? 


Sustainable swap share

Today’s tip comes from Isabella, Content Manager at “Repurpose your food scraps! For example, pop a carrot stem in water and watch a new carrot grow. It’s a way to reduce food waste and get a kick out of seeing your scraps turn into plants!” Submit another Sustainable Swap by replying to this email, and we might feature you next month here 😉

P.S. If you’d rather not get these emails, just reply with “no thanks,” and we’ll completely understand! 😌

Game on,

The team

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