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World Parrot Day

May 31

World Parrot Day is an annual observance dedicated to raising awareness about the conservation and well-being of parrots around the world. Celebrated on May 31st each year, this day serves as a reminder of the challenges facing parrot populations and the need for conservation efforts to protect these vibrant and intelligent birds.

Parrots are known for their vivid plumage, intelligence, and ability to mimic sounds. They play essential roles in their ecosystems, such as seed dispersal and pollination. However, many parrot species are threatened or endangered due to a range of human-related factors, including deforestation, illegal trade, and habitat fragmentation.

World Parrot Day encourages people to become involved in parrot conservation efforts, support organizations dedicated to their protection, and raise awareness about the challenges these birds face. By working together to safeguard parrots and their habitats, we can help ensure that these charismatic birds continue to grace our planet with their presence.


May 31
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