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Trees FAQ

Unlocking pieces on the Care for Tomorrow page is our way to measure the progress in the minigame.
Since just doing your part is enough to help save the world, we established an individual goal for each active player and every time a piece is unlocked in the minigame, one progress is added to the world goal.

Forests cover around 30% of the world’s land area, but deforestation rates have been increasing at an alarming rate in the past 40 years. Trees fulfill key aspects of life, including cleaning the air, filtering the water we drink daily, and providing a home to over 80% of the world’s terrestrial biodiversity. On top of all this magic, trees absorb CO2 emissions and help regulate the world’s temperature. 

We are working with four different environmental organizations for this activity. Arbor Day Foundation, Trees for the Future, Accion Andina, and One Tree Planted!  Each of them has a different focus when it comes to trees. Arbor Day Foundation focuses on reforestation and urban forestry, while Trees for the Future focuses on land restoration, empowering local communities. All of them have one big goal: protecting and nourishing our ecosystems through trees. 

This activity will support local projects of our four environmental partners in Tanzania, Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, the United States, Canada, Mali, and Uganda.

Our partner organizations have a proven track record of success in tree planting and have implemented strict monitoring and reporting procedures to ensure the survival and positive impact of the trees planted. Additionally, all of our partners plant local tree species that match the ecosystem of action and are monitored until maturity by local volunteers or employees taking part in the project.

All our partners have been thoroughly vetted to ensure transparency and reliability. We will keep track of their efforts through regular reporting on key ecosystem health indicators to evaluate the efficacy of their actions. 

Please note: Once you receive your certificate of action, it will have a unique ID which you can use to track your impact and receive status updates. 

Organizations connect with local communities and build relationships with local leaders. Funds are distributed, seedlings are grown, the land is prepared, and the trees are planted. The plantings are then monitored, and the results are reported. The organizations aim to provide jobs to minimize poverty and improve food security. This is the standard approach, but every organization has its magical touch. Rest assured, all the organizations we work with are serious about real and transparent impact. They are a big part of our mission to save the planet, just like you.

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