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Dots.eco facilitate a circular economy driven by micro-environmental impact incentives

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Impact Information

How does it work?

We transform in-app interactions into positive environmental impact. By playing your favorite games, participating in your preferred loyalty programs, or purchasing products in web stores you can be a climate superhero!

What types of impacts are supported?

We support more than 150 different types of positive environmental impacts across the globe, such as planting trees, cleaning the oceans from plastic, preserving wildlife land, offsetting carbon, or protecting endangered species, to name a few.

Where is the impact performed?

The impact is performed across the globe where needed most. We are currently supporting projects in the US, South America, Asia, and Africa.

Who is performing the impact on the ground?

We collaborate with vetted and certified environmental organizations that are responsible for performing the impact on the ground, whether it’s tree planting, cleaning the oceans from plastic, or preserving coral reefs, we’ve partnered with accredited NGOs working on the ground in conjunction with local communities.

What types of organizations do you collaborate with?

We collaborate only with vetted and certified environmental organizations across the globe, that are committed to making the world a better place.

Who decides what type of eco-impact I will be rewarded?

Dots.eco partners decide on the different types of eco-impact they will be sponsoring through their end-users actions. Some of our partners sponsor one single impact activity type, and other partners support multiple environmental causes.

Which NGOs do you collaborate with?

We collaborate with a wide range of different NGOs, from large organizations to very small collective groups. For planting trees, we partnered with NGOs such as One Tree Planted and Arbor day Foundation in the US, small NGOs in Kenya such as Nyasemi group, or the See Turtles organization that saves turtles through supporting nesting beaches.

What can I do with the certificate granted?

You should be very proud of it! Your activity is sponsoring global real-world impact. You can share your certificate on social media and brag about the impact you’ve made!

How can I make more impact?

It’s super easy! Each time you do a rewarding action on an app that’s integrated with Dots.eco it will contribute to an environmental impact action somewhere around the world. The more actions you do on the app the more global positive environmental impact you will achieve. For each new impact achieved you’ll receive a new certificate.

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