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Here’s something we don’t like growing…The amount of plastic in the ocean. This is why we’re picking it up worldwide.

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Plastic cleanup FAQ

Why are plastic cleanups important?

More than eight million tonnes of plastic reach the oceans yearly, spewed via rivers, dumped along coastlines, or abandoned by fishing vessels. This plastic is negatively impacting the ocean ecosystem and marine life. 80% of ocean plastic comes from around 1500 polluted rivers, and a lot of this plastic becomes garbage patches in the middle of the oceans which are extremely inaccessible.

Our cleanups happen in many countries worldwide, including Brazil, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Mexico, and Nicaragua. If you scroll up, you can find our map with our cleanup locations.

Our partners work on different projects to pick up plastic, such as beach cleanups, and river cleanups. A portion of the recycled plastic can then be turned into packaging through partnerships with brands involved in the circular economy.

We provide detailed information about the impact of your contribution to plastic pickups, including the weight of plastic collected, the number of jobs created, and river cleanup location. You can also access regular reports and updates from our partners on their work and progress.

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