50% of the plastic in our oceans
is discharged in 5 countries.
And we’re stopping it. Casually.

Trouble, and Triumph.






By 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish.

If we don’t take action now, our oceans will be flooded with plastic. The best solution is to stop using plastic, the immediate solution is to block it at the source. One thing is clear: not acting will result in very negative consequences for every single species.

While all of us are responsible for the plastic in our oceans, most of it is eventually discharged by 5 countries.

Corporates sell cheap plastic products to booming, crowded places where folks aren’t always equipped to handle the waste. Living standards rise, people buy more, but the trash systems can’t keep up.

80% of this plastic
comes from rivers and streams.

When plastic waste isn’t managed correctly, it often gets washed away by rain or wind, finding its way into our rivers and streams. These waterways, like nature’s highways, carry the plastic from our cities and towns, all the way to the ocean.

Got it yet? By targeting rivers and streams in just five 5 countries, we could stop half of the ocean-bound plastic.

Dots.eco is assembling a task force of individuals, NGO’s, companies, national organizations, and local communities in order to stop this plastic at the source, and ensure our success in The Philippines, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, and China.

The one’s already making waves:

Join the
Ocean FIVE-O initiative

Help make it happen by easily joining our Ocean FIVE-O initiative. Together we can stop plastic from reaching our oceans.

Through our eco-rewards supporting the Ocean Five-O initiative, inspire your users to become impact-makers, helping us achieve our goal.

How we do it


Vet the projects

We thoroughly vet all of our partners to ensure reliability and maximum impact. We understand that transparency is essential, and we ride the wave with it.

Allocate wisely

Our funding policy uses a merit-based allocation structure. This means projects that have a bigger impact get more money. We fund the projects that make real progress.

Monitor progress

Consistent reviews are built into our monitoring framework to ensure that expectations are exceeded and goals are achieved. Staying engaged keeps everyone accountable.

You get the benefits

Individual members

Your contribution is combined with millions of others in order to generate an exponential impact. Know you’re making a real difference without having to do the hard work.

Company members

Optimize user engagement by offering rewards that represent real world environmental benefits. Make it effortless for your users to help reduce ocean plastic and gain dedicated users who champion your brand.

Eco-organizations & NGOs

Amplify your impact by joining our initiative and becoming a vital part of a huge initiative. Extend support to additional local communities, collect more plastic, and conduct further research. Only win-wins around here.

Selected projects

Your oceanfront champions

Ocean protection FAQ

What is the Ocean Five-O initiative?

The Ocean five-O initiative is a task force committed to reducing 50% of the world’s ocean plastic. By harnesing our casual digital actions, we aim to stop plastic coming from the top 5 plastic-emitting countries, from reaching the ocean. The countries we are focusing on are The Philippines, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, and China.

Our approach with Ocean Five-O revolves around combating plastic pollution by concentrating on areas where our efforts can make the most significant difference. Our partners collaborate closely with local communities to enable the construction of low-tech barriers and coordinate clean-up activities. This prevents plastic from finding its way into oceans and waterways. What’s unique is that our partners don’t just tackle the issue directly – they also aim to empower local economies through these initiatives.

Our environmental partners focus on the entire lifecycle of plastic waste. From its collection to treatment, recycling, and proper disposal, our partners ensure that plastic never reaches the ocean. This comprehensive strategy combines community involvement, waste management, and sustainable practices to effectively address plastic pollution and safeguard marine ecosystems. Through these collective efforts, we strive to create a lasting impact on the health of our oceans.

Plastic has become a major environmental issue due to its non-degradable nature. When plastic enters the ocean, it is extremely difficult to locate and retrieve, often sinking to the seabed or degrading into micro-plastics. Through the Ocean five-O initiative, we aim to tackle this issue at its source by picking up plastic in rivers, and beaches. 

All our environmental partners are vetted thoroughly to ensure maximum transparency and impact. Additionally, once eco-rewards are implemented and redeemed, end-users will receive a trackable certificate where they can check the status of the plastic clean-ups.

Our partners include Oceans Integrity, SEE Turtles, Plastic Fischer, and Green Worms. These organizations share our commitment to a cleaner, plastic-free ocean.

If you’re representing a business, you can start by filling in the form below to get access to the complete information pack. This will allow you to incorporate eco-rewards in your business and incentivise your users to join the movement. You can then track your impact, access the perks of Ocean five-O, and boost your KPIs.

Individual: if you are an individual, you can support us by sharing our mission, taking it to your favorite games and apps! The future is in our hands.

One of our team members will get back to you and discuss all the opportunities of adding your company/organization to this initiative. Huge impact loading in 3,2,1….

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