Perkbox’s Eco-Rewards: Driving Employee Engagement

Employee engagement

Perkbox is the global reward and recognition platform that allows companies to care for, connect with, and celebrate their employees, no matter where they are. With a focus on employee engagement, Perkbox offers a comprehensive range of rewards, benefits, and well-being support. Perkbox integrated eco-rewards from into its platform, allowing employees to make a positive impact on the environment, while simultaneously driving employee engagement.

Driving Employee Engagement and Environmental Action

Motivating Employees:

The integration of eco-rewards has proven to be a powerful driver of employee engagement within the Perkbox ecosystem. Despite the availability of various reward options, employees consistently choose to spend their points on making an environmental impact. 

The number of eco-rewards redeemed from January 2023 to April 2023 represented a 750% increase in redeems within four months.  Remarkably, some users have made multiple eco-reward purchases, repeating the process 10-15 times!

Positive Brand Perception and Corporate Social Responsibility

Enhancing Brand Image:

By integrating eco-rewards and actively promoting environmental initiatives, Perkbox has strengthened its brand perception as an environmentally responsible organization. Employees and stakeholders recognize Perkbox’s commitment to making a difference beyond the workplace.

Environmental Days and Perkbox

Earth Day Push Campaign:

Perkbox contributed to Earth Day by actively promoting their eco-rewards through push notifications, reaching their vast user base of 91248 users. This campaign aimed to raise awareness about the availability of eco-rewards on the platform and encourage employees to redeem them.

World Ocean’s Day:
Perkbox recognizes the importance of preserving our oceans and is committed to promoting environmental initiatives beyond Earth Day. In celebration of World Ocean’s Day in June, Perkbox added a new impact type to its platform. Members had the opportunity to redeem their points in exchange for making a positive impact on our oceans, specifically by supporting initiatives focused on cleaning ocean plastic.

Impact Unit Redemptions:

The integration of eco-rewards has seen a significant increase in impact unit redemptions, indicating a growing interest in eco-rewards among employees. In May 2023, the redemption reached 7,502 impact units, including 4374 trees planted and 1837 sea turtles saved. This demonstrates the strong engagement of employees in contributing to environmental conservation through Perkbox’s eco-rewards program.

Conclusion: The perks of green employee engagement

Perkbox’s integration of eco-rewards has proven to be a catalyst for employee engagement and environmental responsibility. By offering employees tangible opportunities to make a positive impact, Perkbox enhances their work experience while contributing to environmental conservation, naturally resulting in a stronger brand image. The remarkable increase in eco-reward redemptions, the enthusiastic engagement of employees, and the active promotion of environmental initiatives reflect the company’s commitment to creating a sustainable and socially responsible work culture.

Perspectives on Perkbox’s Eco-Rewards Initiative

“ has provided us with an amazing global product that we offer to our users, and now they are able to use their reward points for the greater good”

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