SciPlay &’s Engaging Bingo Showdown Campaign Sprouts Change


SciPlay is a leading developer and publisher of digital games on mobile and web platforms, providing highly entertaining free-to-play games that millions of people play every day for their authenticity, engagement, and fun. 

Sciplay integrated real-world environmental impact into its popular Bingo game – Bingo Showdown through Dots. eco’s environmental rewards platform.

The Challenge: Engaging Players Through Environmental Impact

Recognizing the importance of player engagement and community connection, SciPlay sought a unique way to celebrate the 9th birthday of its popular Bingo Showdown mobile game. SciPlay partnered with to create an eco-adventure, seamlessly integrated into the game narrative. This innovative approach not only provided an immersive and exciting experience for players but also fostered positive real-world impact.

By teaming up with, SciPlay went beyond standard game borders, inviting players to actively participate in an engaging story that extended beyond the virtual world. This proactive initiative highlights SciPlay’s commitment to its community, player experience, and environmental responsibility.

The Solution: Integrating Eco-Rewards

SciPlay took gaming to a whole new level by planting a tree for every completed 50-bingo milestone during a special eco-promotion in Bingo Showdown. Players who participated in the event from the 11th to the 16th of December received unique, personalized certificates they could share on social media, spreading awareness about conservation efforts. In the five-day promotion, the collaboration resulted in an incredible outcome: a whopping 13,865 trees planted, making a tangible impact on the environment.

The impact made not only highlights the success of the campaign but also underscores the power of combining gaming with real-world environmental impact.

Success Metrics

The eco-rewards generated impressive results when compared with classic activities:

  • The out-of-currency rate increased as a result of the high interest in the eco-activity, which encouraged players to acquire more credits and play longer
  • As a result of the eco-activity running in the game, organic traffic increased
  • Overall Revenue increased during the event, with nearly doubled revenue on the first day compared to two weeks earlier.

Planting almost 14000 trees through our Bingo Showdown x collaboration exceeded our wildest expectations! Beyond the environmental impact, seeing our players enthusiastically completing Bingo milestones to plant trees was incredibly rewarding. Their engagement showcased the power of combining fun and purpose.

The unique combination of in-game challenges, personalized certificates, and social media sharing not only fueled friendly competition but also spread awareness far beyond the game, creating a ripple effect for good.

Discovering such a unique way to engage our players and give back to our environment by planting a substantial amount of trees was a win-win for us and we’re looking forward to our next collaboration with!

Sciplay’s collaboration with shows the potential of in-game environmental rewards, by creating new retention and monetization strategies. Furthermore, players were provided with a sense of fulfillment and a positive connection to the game while helping the environment at the same time.

By integrating meaningful real-world impacts into the gaming experience, SciPlay successfully increased player retention and revenue while contributing positively to environmental conservation. This case study serves as a model for how gaming can be leveraged for social and environmental good.

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