Sustainable events: An eco-rewards journey with Kaltura

In a world where environmental consciousness is on the rise, businesses are stepping up to embrace sustainability in every aspect of their operations. One shining example of this eco-conscious commitment is our partner, Kaltura, a leading video technology company. Kaltura has revolutionized how we experience sustainable events and how we can make a profound and positive impact on the environment through its creative implementation of eco-rewards on their events.

The rise of sustainable events

Sustainable events have become a beacon of hope in the corporate world’s pursuit of greener practices. Kaltura’s dedication to environmental responsibility is evident in one of its most prominent events, “Kaltura Connect”. This event was held in New York, Atlanta, San Francisco, London, and Berlin in 2023, and stood out as a model for sustainable gatherings. From the moment attendees signed up, Kaltura offered them a unique opportunity to choose their eco-reward directed to different impact types.

Kaltura’s commitment to eco-rewards didn’t stop here. They provided participants with step counters and took significant environmental action for every 250 steps recorded. Whether it was cleaning ocean plastic, saving sea turtles, restoring coral reefs, or protecting wildlife habitat, each step became a real-world environmental impact.

Remarkable results

The results of Kaltura’s eco-rewards initiatives are nothing short of remarkable. At “Kaltura Connect,” participants collectively walked an impressive 84,973 steps. The whole integration of eco-rewards led to:

  • 3400 lbs of plastic cleaned from the ocean
  • The saving of 1700 sea turtles
  • The protection of 1700 coral reef fragments
  • 170,000 ft^2 of wildlife habitat protected

Kaltura’s journey towards sustainable events reflects the growing importance of eco-conscious events. By integrating eco-rewards, Kaltura has created an immersive experience that fosters brand loyalty and attracts like-minded individuals. Sustainable events are no longer just a trend; they have become an essential aspect of corporate responsibility and a powerful way to engage customers. As we move towards a more eco-conscious world, Kaltura leads the way, inspiring others to follow suit in embracing sustainability for the greater good.

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