Tripadvisor attracts new advertisers and boosts platform performance through eco-rewards


Tripadvisor, a leader in the travel industry, is leveraging its influence for ecological conservation. Their innovative platform, Tripadvisor Ad Express, is a self-service advertising tool that helps businesses connect to their customers. Through’s environmental rewards (also known as eco-rewards), advertisers can make a real-world impact with their ad budgets.

How the eco-rewards implementation works

Tripadvisor Ad Express operates on a simple yet profound principle. Advertisers set their marketing budgets on the platform, ranging from $500 to $20,000 or more. Regardless of the chosen budget, each advertiser contributes to an environmental impact of their choice. The scope of this impact increases with the budget size, giving advertisers options between planting trees, cleaning ocean plastic, and protecting wildlife habitat.

Following this, advertisers receive a certificate with a unique and trackable ID. This certificate specifies the location of the environmental contribution, allowing advertisers to share and promote their commitment to ecological causes.

On top of this, Tripadvisor attracts new advertisers to start a campaign by adding 100 trees, 100lb of plastic, or 1000ft2 of wildlife habitat to the total for the first campaign activated on the platform.

Advertisers as Environmental Stewards

Tripadvisor surveyed their clients to better understand their motivation and perception of the environment. The numbers speak for themselves:

  • 84.2% see the environment as very or extremely important
  • 70% think it’s important for Tripadvisor Adexpress to have initiatives like the one with
  • 77.6% of advertisers feel better about knowing a part of their budget goes toward planting trees

The results of this collaboration have been impressive so far. New agencies and direct advertisers are choosing the Tripadvisor Adexpress platform because of their sustainability component. The impact numbers have been speaking for themselves: 

  • 150,000+ Trees have been planted
  • 32,000+ Pounds of ocean plastic have been cleaned
  • 79,700+ ft2 of wildlife habitat has been protected

These figures not only reflect the platform’s effectiveness but also underscore a commitment to environmental stewardship.

“We are incredibly grateful to have had as a key collaborator in our sustainability journey. The team has exemplified what it means to be a true partner. Their unwavering commitment to restoration and their openness to align with our vision have been instrumental in driving meaningful, positive changes within the Tripadvisor media business.“

This initiative goes beyond mere acknowledgment of environmental issues; it actively seeks to address them. Advertisers contribute to a healthier planet while also advancing their business goals, demonstrating the power of collaborative efforts in addressing global environmental issues.

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