Who does our impact belong to? Navigating misleading communication

In the world of environmental stewardship, every action towards conservation and sustainability counts. However, when these actions involve multiple stakeholders, a crucial question comes up: Who can claim the impact? At Dots.eco, we’ve encountered this intriguing scenario and find it essential to discuss it openly, emphasizing transparency and clarity.

The struggle of shared impact

Our model is a symbiotic one, involving four key players: Dots.eco, environmental organizations, our business partners, and the end-users. Each party plays a distinct yet interconnected role in achieving our environmental goals. The challenge emerges when communicating this shared success – if everyone claims to have planted a tree for example, does it imply four trees have been planted when, in fact, it’s just one? This perception can lead to misleading communication and an overestimation of the impact.

The heart of our model: Certificates as the source of truth

To address this, we’ve anchored our process in a tangible and quantifiable metric – the certificates of action. Each certificate, equipped with a unique and trackable ID, represents a definitive action towards environmental restoration. It’s a testament to the work accomplished on the ground by our partners, facilitated by Dots.eco, and triggered by our clients and end-users.

The role of each stakeholder

Dots.eco: We are the enablers, connecting different entities and overseeing the implementation of each project.

Environmental organizations: The boots on the ground. These organizations translate intentions into tangible environmental action.

Business Partners: By choosing to partner with us, clients integrate environmental rewards into their business models, triggering impactful actions.

End-Users: The catalysts, their everyday actions like playing a game or downloading an app lead to real-world change.

Unity in Impact: Every Participant is an Impact-Maker

While the certificate quantifies the impact, it’s essential to recognize that the impact itself is the sum of collective efforts. Each stakeholder, in their capacity, contributes to the outcome. Hence, we advocate for an inclusive approach to claiming impact – it’s a shared victory, a testament to collaborative effort.

Ensuring transparency and continuous monitoring

Transparency is not just a word for us; it’s a commitment. Our certificates not only signify the completion of an environmental action but also serve as a portal to ongoing project updates. Leveraging satellite monitoring and continuous communication with our partners, we ensure that each impact is real and tracked constantly.

Our approach to communication: Honesty and clarity

Misleading communication in terms of environmental impact can dilute efforts and create skepticism. Therefore, our approach is to be straightforward and factual. When communicating our achievements, we emphasize the collective nature of our work, ensuring that the credit is distributed accurately and fairly.

Looking ahead: Sustainability as a shared responsibility

As we move forward, we see our role not just as facilitators of environmental actions but as educators and advocates for transparent communication in the environmental sector. We believe that by openly discussing the nuances of shared impact, we can foster a more informed and engaged community of eco-conscious individuals and organizations.

Compliance and Accountability

In line with our commitment to transparency, we adhere strictly to our terms and conditions, ensuring that our operations align with the highest standards of integrity and ethical practice. These terms are designed to clarify the roles and responsibilities of all parties involved and to prevent any misrepresentation of the impact we collectively achieve.

In conclusion, the impact belongs to everyone who plays a part in it. At Dots.eco, we are proud to be a part of this collective journey towards environmental restoration. Through collaboration, transparency, and continuous innovation, we remain committed to making every action count and ensuring that our impact is both significant and accurately represented.

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