Wooga’s June’s Journey Wildlife Week Campaign with Dots.eco

Wooga is a Berlin-based game software company. They specialize in creating story-driven casual games tailored for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. In collaboration with Dots.eco, Wooga’s June’s Journey participated in the 2023 Green Game Jam (GGJ) with a mission to protect snow leopards in the Himalayas. The KPIs for this campaign were boosted by incredible results across the board, resulting in a skyrocketing donation amount.

Campaign overview

In May 2023, June’s Journey announced its participation in the Green Game Jam for the third consecutive year. The campaign, known as “June’s Journey Wildlife Week,” invited players to unite to support protecting snow leopards in the Himalayas by collecting animal decorations within the game, as well as donating privately to the cause. The community objective was to collect 500,000 animal decorations, triggering a substantial donation by Wooga of US $100,000  to the Snow Leopard Trust through Dots.eco’s partnership.

The Dots.eco Effect: Enhancing Engagement and Community Building

To maximize the impact of the campaign and create a sense of community engagement, Dots.eco introduced innovative features and incentives:

1. Personalized Certificates: Dots.eco created certificates for players with every donation made on the website built through the campaign, allowing them to share these certificates on social media. This not only recognized players’ contributions but also encouraged them to share their commitment, further strengthening the community.

2. Trackable Donations: Dots.eco implemented a tracking system for donations, providing transparency and allowing players to see the tangible impact of their contributions. This transparency fostered trust and motivated continued engagement.

The Wooga approach

Key Campaign Elements:
Community Engagement: The campaign spanned one week, from May 31 to June 06, 2023, offering numerous opportunities for engagement. These included private donations, social media contests, and an educational video about snow leopards. Player feedback was actively collected via an in-game survey to inform future green initiatives.

In-game events: Players engaged in three time-limited events within June’s Journey, collecting unique animal decoration items that represented the Himalayan ecosystem.

Social media promotion: Social media played a vital role throughout the campaign, motivating and encouraging June’s Journey players to collect special animal decorations, donate to receive 5-star boxes, and participate actively in the campaign.

Impact in action 

Habitat Protection: Wooga, and the Junes Journey players collectively protected 26,000 km² of Snow Leopard habitat until December 2024.

Donations: The players donated $16,850 through the campaign website, while Wooga pledged a substantial $100,000 contribution. This was the highest direct donation amount collected from the participating studios in the Green Game Jam. 

Community Milestone: The campaign exceeded its target by overachieving it by +95%. Players collected an impressive 979,201 animal decorations, and 564,548 players collected at least one decoration.

Website Engagement: The dedicated campaign website attracted 34,063 visitors, with 1,011 players making donations, resulting in a conversion rate of 2.97%.

Marketing Success: The campaign achieved outstanding marketing results, reaching over 3 million people through various channels, representing a 70% increase compared to the previous year’s Green Game Jam. Facebook engagement surpassed expectations, with a +450% engagement increase.

Player Sentiment: Player feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with 88% of participants enjoying the event and 87% acknowledging the importance of the cause. Environmental preservation emerged as a top motivation for participation.

Awards: The June’s Journey Wildlife Week campaign earned two prestigious awards in the Green Game Jam: the “Best in Wildlife Award” and the “Players’ Choice Award.”

App Store Exposure: The campaign’s impact extended beyond the game, as June’s Journey was featured on Google Play and the App Store. This exposure resulted in a significant increase in organic downloads.

Images taken through camera trapping installed by the Snow Leopard Trust

The Dots.eco Effect

Dots.eco, with its extensive network of more than 40 NGOs, played a crucial role in the success of the campaign. This collaborative effort allowed Dots.eco to select a project that perfectly aligned with Wooga’s goals, tailoring it to their specific needs while simultaneously contributing to the conservation of an endangered species

“It was a great pleasure to collaborate with Dots.eco for the June’s Journey Wildlife Week campaign. We aimed to make this campaign more prominent and exciting for our players compared with previous years, and Dots.eco provided fantastic support to achieve this goal. Seeing so much engagement and appreciation from our community was a great success for us.”

Wooga’s June’s Journey Wildlife Week Campaign, in partnership with Dots.eco, exemplifies the potential of mobile gaming to drive real-world change. Dots.eco’s innovative contributions, including customizable certificates and transparent tracking of donations, significantly enhanced player engagement and community building. This collaborative effort not only protected vital snow leopard habitat but also showcased the positive impact of eco-incentives on game success. The case study underscores the capacity of mobile gaming to make a meaningful difference while thriving in the digital realm, and the critical role that partnerships like that with Dots.eco play in achieving these goals.

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